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ASUS PadFone X Successor In The Pipeline
The AT&T-bound ASUS PadFone X which was announced at the beginning of this year before going global just last month might be pretty new to the market at this point in time, but this does not mean that the Taiwanese company behind the PadFone X is going to rest on its laurels. No sir, apparently, Taiwanese website Focus Taiwan claims that both ASUS and AT&T are working on a next […]

ASUS PadFone X To Go Global
At the end of last month, the folks over at AT&T have already confirmed the price and release date for the ASUS PadFone X, a device that was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this year. It did seem then with the announcement at the end of May that the ASUS PadFone X is due to arrive at stores this June 6th for […]

AT&T Confirms ASUS PadFone X Price And Release Date
ASUS already has an entire lineup of products that try to bring the best of both worlds. They’re a good choice for customers who would like to own a tablet alongside their smartphone but don’t want to shell out money separately for both devices. This is where the company’s smartphone/tablet hybrid comes in. AT&T was supposed to carry one of this devices and now it has finally confirmed the ASUS […]

AT&T Teases The ASUS PadFone X (Again)
Back in April, AT&T teased a video for the ASUS PadFone X. This is not surprising since companies usually create such teasers when it comes to an upcoming product. The only problem is that the handset was announced back in January, meaning that given that we’re about 5 months into the year, there’s still no word on when it will launch.AT&T has done a good job at teasing the handset […]


AT&T Teases ASUS PadFone X In New Video
Earlier this year in January, AT&T announced that the ASUS PadFone X would be making its way onto the carrier’s network, but fast forward to April, there is still no sign of the device. By no means has it been cancelled because AT&T has made sure that we were constantly reminded about the device’s presence, either by teasing it or by announcing its specifications.We’re not sure what’s with the hold […]

AT&T Details ASUS PadFone X Specifications
The ASUS PadFone X was announced for AT&T earlier this year, on January 7th, to be exact, and it has been nearly three months on the clock without the detailed hardware specifications revealed for this particular device. Considering how it has been spotted on the FCC earlier this week and teased by AT&T, it signals the fact that the PadFone X should be well on its way to the market […]

ASUS PadFone X Spotted At The FCC
Earlier this year, the ASUS PadFone X was announced where it was also revealed that the device would be making its way onto AT&T’s network. Heck, AT&T had also recently teased the device’s arrival, but unfortunately until today we still have not gotten a solid release date yet, but could it be soon?Well according to recent reports, it seems that the ASUS PadFone X was spotted at the FCC recently […]

ASUS PadFone X Teased By AT&T
In January this year, AT&T made an announcement that they will sell the ASUS PadFone X sometime later this year. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, there was nothing forthcoming from AT&T since then concerning this particular device, at least until now. AT&T has decided to take the plunge with Twitter to remind the world that the “ASUS PadFone X is a 5-inch FHD smartphone that transforms into a […]

ASUS PadFone X Announced, Heads For AT&T
[CES 2014] We have seen a slew of devices announced by the folks over at ASUS earlier today, and here is yet another device which you might actually be interested in. Subscribers to AT&T will be pleased to hear that the ASUS PadFone X will be making its way to the mobile carrier, where this unique device that consists of an innovative smartphone and tablet should be made available soon. […]

Asus PadFone X Running Android 4.4 Spotted In Benchmark
Asus has an entire lineup of devices perfect for customers who want the best of both worlds, a smartphone and a tablet. The company has already released multiple variants of the PadFone, just recently the budget centric PadFone Mini was officially announced. It appears that Asus might have yet another similar device up its sleeve which it might unveil early next year. A PadFone X has popped up on AnTuTu benchmark, […]