While topics like maths and science are still essential when it comes to the education of children, we’re starting to see how programming is also becoming something of an essential skill that kids should pick up. It’s not yet a requirement (at least not everywhere), but it is clear that learning to code could be an invaluable skill to have for the future.

This is why we’re seeing many companies launching tools and software aimed to teach kids how to code at a young age, so when Tynker and Parrot announced the Parrot Mambo Code bundle, it really doesn’t come as a surprise. This is a bundle the contains a Parrot Mambo minidrone and also a six-month subscription to Tynker, where kids will be able to pickup coding skills to use with the drones.

The drone will also come with a mini-ball launcher, grabber, 50 plastic balls, while the Tynker subscription will give kids access to eight mobile coding courses, 18 online coding courses, over 350 puzzle levels, tutorials, and a virtual drone flight simulation course, all of which will be priced at $149, which is actually relatively affordable.

According to Tynker co-founder and CTO, Srinivas Mandyam, “We’ve seen an overwhelming interest in drones among kids and parents and are excited to deepen our partnership with Parrot to unveil a comprehensive, out-of-the-box experience that inspires the next generation through game-based learning.”

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