Articles about patent infringement (page 2)

Samsung reportedly charging Apple 2.4% per 3G chip
Samsung seeks to ban iPhone and 3G iPad in the Netherlands
Samsung to start getting aggressive with Apple
Motorola wants to keep the lawsuit with Apple going
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 still being sold in Germany due to legal loophole
Apple gets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 permanently banned in Germany
Senate passes bill to overhaul US patent system, hopefully puts an end to patent wars/trolls
Apple lawsuit will not obstruct sales of Samsung tablet in Japan
ClassCo sues Apple, HTC, RIM, Samsung and others for patent infringement
Apple pressured to reveal iPad sales figures to prove they were affected by Samsung
Verizon wants President Obama to step in on patent wars
Apple to sue Motorola over Xoom tablet design
Samsung responds to EU injunction of their Galaxy Tab 10.1
Apple sued over Mac OS X's speedy startup
Nokia suing Huaqin Telecom Technology over camera lens cover patent
Kodak considering selling 1,100 of its patents
Spotify gets served patent infringement lawsuit by PacketVideo
Personal Audio sues Apple again
Samsung drops countersuit against Apple
Microsoft Sues TiVo Over Patent Infringement