Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1We’re sure most of you guys have already heard or know this by now, that Apple has been chasing Samsung halfway across the world trying to get their Galaxy smartphones and tablets banned due to Apple claiming they were too similar in design to their iOS products, namely the iPhone and iPad. So far Apple has been successful at getting temporary injunctions but now it looks like Apple has won a major victory in Germany by getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 permanently banned.

According to patent blogger, Florian Mueller, it seems that the judge presiding over the case did not mention the Galaxy Tab 10.1 specifically, but rather just mentioned “Galaxy Tab”, which means in theory if Samsung were to come up with a Galaxy 9.0, or Galaxy 12.1, etc, the injunction would apply automatically, which means by that logic, German users will most likely not be seeing the Galaxy Tab 7.7 as well.

Samsung still has one option left which would be to appeal the decision to the Higher Regional Court in Germany, which could get the injunction lifted in a couple of months, and it seems that is what Samsung plans to do. As to whether they will be successful in their appeal remains to be seen, but for now Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 10.1 hopefuls in Germany are flat out of luck.

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