A few days ago we reported that Samsung was reported to have requested for a ban of the iPhone and 3G iPad in the Netherlands, claiming that Apple had infringed upon their patents which included a form of wireless technology used for 3G communications, which explains why the WiFi-only iPad was left untouched. In our report we stated that Apple had scheduled a meeting with Samsung on Monday in order to discuss potential licensing fees, but now it has been revealed what Samsung is asking Apple to pay them.

According to various reports, Apple has claimed that Samsung is currently asking for a fee of 2.4% of chip price on each chip used in the iPhone and 3G iPad. Granted it’s not 2.4% of the iPhone’s retail price, but considering how many iOS devices Apple has sold to date, and that they’ve proudly boasted, the amount that Apple may have to pay Samsung will definitely end up being a rather substantial figure.

Allegedly Samsung was claimed to have deceived the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as they helped to develop 3G standards. Apple is claiming that Samsung quietly slipped in their own patents into the standard, revealing it only five years later in what Apple is calling a “patent ambush”. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out in the end – could Apple end up paying Samsung millions in royalties, or will both companies agree to drop all lawsuits and just settle?

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