Another day, another lawsuit. This time it looks like Apple, HP, Huawei, LG, ZTE, HTC, RIM and Samsung are the ones being collectively sued by ClassCo over caller ID patents. According to ClassCo, the companies mentioned have infringed upon its caller ID patents that are being used in their VoiceAnnounce device (as pictured above), which not only displays the caller’s name/number, but as the name implies, will announce it as well so you will know who’s calling before you even answer the phone.

ClassCo claims that the companies infringed upon two of its patents, and apparently a handset that can identify who is calling is an infringement upon its patents, or so ClassCo says. They are asking for a possibility of an injunction but their main reason is reportedly to seek out “reasonable” royalties on its patent. Granted VoiceAnnounce may have been pretty a hot device many years back, it appears that it is being advertised as being great for senior citizens and children which makes us think that perhaps ClassCo could just be another patent troll.

Based on what they’re claiming, it seems that pretty much every handset manufacturer under the sun would be in violation of their patent. While we can’t say we approve of big companies suing each other left, right and center, we’re not sure that any empathy or sympathy can be had for patent trolls either. What do you guys think? Does ClassCo actually have a case here?

If you have the knowledge, understanding and the patience to go through 12 pages of legalese, you can read up on the lawsuit in its entirety here.

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