Harebrained Studios has some news that might just disappoint – it looks like the title that it is working on, Necropolis, will be delayed on the PS4 as well as Xbox One platforms. Apparently, Harebrained Studios would like to see this self-published Steam variant of the game arrive simultaneously as on the two consoles, which would translate to a date that falls on one day this coming summer, as the computer (PC and Mac) platform too, will have Necropolis on it.

This would mean waiting for a few more months after the initial 17th of March release date for Necropolis on the PS4 and Xbox One. The gaming company did mention that Bandai Namco, an experienced publisher, would be the one to help out where the console installment is concerned, although the developers did not want to leak out a specific date – to keep the suspense going, perhaps?

Or they might want to tread on the safe side, since console releases tend to require a whole lot of development work, and the decision to introduce all three variants of Necropolis at the same time was not within the publisher’s domain. Just in case you were wondering what Necropolis is all about, check out the trailer in the video above.

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