Quite a few manufacturers are producing PC on a stick which are basically cheap solutions that offer moderate specifications with the ability to run the full Windows experience, even Intel has one of its own. Microsoft has teamed up with iBall, a device maker based in India, to come up with its own PC on a stick that costs $140 and is called the Splendo.

The Splendo supports HDMI so it can easily be connected to any TV or display that has an HDMI port. Under the hood it has an Intel Atom quadcore processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Users can expand storage through the microSDXC card slot, and use Splendo’s USB and microUSB ports to plug in different peripherals. Splendo does have support for wireless peripherals over Bluetooth 4.0.

This PC which is roughly the size of a dongle is going to run a full version of Windows 8.1 though it’s not like this is going to be good for heavy tasks, there simply isn’t enough processing power there to substitute a proper PC.

iBall has not yet said if the Splendo is going to receive the Windows 10 update when the new software arrives next month since this device itself is going to be released in July for about $140 in India initially.

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