Yet another manufacturer contributing to Apple’s supply chain has been accused to labor violations. Back in July one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, Pegatron, was accused of worker abuse in China. A non-profit based in New York has made these allegations, its called China Labor Watch. The allegations against Pegatron were also made by this non-profit. China Labor Watch claims that the Jabil Green Point factory in Wuxi, China, is committing various labor violations. This factory apparently manufactures the casing for iPhone 5C, Apple’s rumored low cost iPhone.

The factory is owned by Jabil Circuit, which is a company based in the U.S. with its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla. China Labor Watch alleges that workers at the factory are made to stand for more than 11 hours every day, the only rest they get is during the half an hour meal break. This is over three times over China’s legal limit. Workers are also allegedly forced to complete more than 100 hours of mandatory paid overtime per month apart from 11 hours of unpaid overtime. CLW’s report also alleges that living arrangements are not satisfactory, one dorm apparently houses eight workers. Lack of proper training, safety information and audi fraud is added to the list of violations as well. Apple hasn’t issued a comment as yet, but when the report about Pegatron came out, the company said that it is “committed to providing a safe and fair working condition” throughout its supply chain.

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