Mousey the Junkbot

Have you always wanted a pet but felt like you wouldn’t have the responsibility or prolonged interest to take care of it? Robot pets like the Sony Aibo have been created to fill this void in your life, but nobody really wants to throw around wads of cash for something that they’ll lose interest in after a few weeks right? Introducing Mousey the Junkbot. This cute little mouse robot is made from junk (an old unused ball-mouse obviously) and cheap parts that can be easily purchased. All you need to do is some simple construction (instructions all found online) and you’ll have your very own mouse robot that doesn’t make a mess or nibble holes in your clothes. When you get bored of it, you can simply turn it off and move on with your life. Are you interested and keen on creating your own Junkbot? Head over here for instructions and watch the video tutorial after the break. If you successfully create your own Mousey, let us know in the comments, we’d be keen to find out more about your robot pet.


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