SeneyeLove your fish and wish for a better way to keep an eye on them? So do the folks at Seneye  who will be releasing an aquarium monitoring system. It will be available in three different variants for different kinds of aquariums – Seneye Home, Seneye Pond, and Seneye Reef. But they all do the same job – by monitoring the status of your aquarium that your fish or other pets are in.

The Seneye consists of a sensor that is placed into your aquarium and also plugged into your internet-connected computer. It then constantly measures the current condition of your aquarium, keeping your personal Seneye account updated with information such as the aquarium’s water temperature, pH, ammonia level, and even light measurements. These stats can be checked from any other computer with access to the internet or through an app on the phone.

If there is a problem with the aquarium, Seneye can even be configured to send you a text informing you about the situation – which will make sure you don’t miss out on any significant problems with your aquarium when you’re away from home. The Seneye aquarium monitor will be available this summer and will cost around $150. Find out more.

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