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IFA 2018: What To ExpectEditor's Pick
IFA 2018 #IFA18 will be upon us in a couple of weeks. The event will be kicking off from the 31st of August to the 5th of September in Berlin, Germany and it should be host to a ton of new product announcements from companies, ranging from mobile devices to smart home appliances, and more.We would like to thank our IFA 2018 main sponsor, Lenovo. They will surely have interesting […]

New Philips Hue ‘Signe’ & ‘Play’ Lights Revealed
Ambient lighting is something that seems to be very popular these days, especially with smart lighting systems in which with an app and at a touch of a button, users can change the mood of the room in an instant. Philips is one of the main companies leading the charge with its Hue lighting system, and more recently they have unveiled new additions to the Hue lineup.

Philips Officially Announces A Bunch Of New HomeKit Compatible Hue Lights
Back in July thanks to some leaks, it was revealed that Philips was working on new Hue lights for the home. This included an outdoor Hue LightStrip and also the Adore bathroom mirror with smart lighting features. For those wondering about those products, you’ll be pleased to learn that those products have been officially confirmed.

Philips Adore Brings Smart Lighting To The Bathroom Mirror
Philips has its Hue smart lighting system which lets users install smart light bulbs into lamps, into light holders, and more. They also have smart LED lightstrips which does the same thing, except in lightstrip form which allows for more flexibility when it comes to choosing parts of the house to light up.


Philips Unveils New Hue Outdoor Lightstrips
While the Philips Hue might have started out as a lightbulb, over the years the company has expanded on the Hue lineup where it also now includes lightstrips. The lightstrips were a good way of adding illumination behind desks, televisions, along the walls, and more, but if you’re looking to use it outdoors, you’re in luck.

Philips Hue Sync App Now Available On Windows And Mac
The Philips Hue lighting system is one that is probably known by many who are looking to make their homes smarter. For those who aren’t familiar, the Hue system consists of a series of light bulbs and light strips that can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app. This allows users to change color, set a schedule, adjust the mood, and so on.

Philips To Start Testing Its Li-Fi Technology In Paris
Li-Fi is an interesting piece of technology which is solves some of the downsides of WiFi, namely coverage and range. With WiFi, this is largely dictated by things like your router’s hardware and strength, whether or not there are walls or doors that might be blocking the WiFi signal, and so on.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights Will Be Released In July
Philips promised in January this year that it was going to release a slew of new products in the coming months. The products were to include a line of outdoor Hue lighting products that would be released in the summer. The company said at that time that the new products would enable customers to get more out of their exterior lighting by personalizing the ambiance for any moment. The company […]

Philips SmartSleep Headband Plays White Noise To Help You Sleep
[CES 2018] Philips has unveiled a new product to help you sleep called SmartSleep at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. The company says that this is the “world’s first and only clinically proven wearable” for customers who are looking to improve deep sleep quality. It’s aimed at people who do not get enough sleep, which is basically everyone in this day and age.

Razer Teams Up With Philips For Game-Activated Hue Lights
[CES 2018] Pretty much all of Razer’s gaming accessories and peripherals come with lights built into them, which the company has then sent into overdrive with the Chroma-enabled devices. Now if you’re looking to truly complete your LED-filled gaming room, Razer and Philips have teamed up to make that a reality.

First Roku-Powered TVs From Philips Are Now Available
Roku’s TV licensing program enables TV manufacturers to adopt its operating system to offer a smart connected TV experience. They don’t have to worry about the software development as that’s all left to Roku. It was confirmed earlier this month that Philips TVs for the U.S. market will now be powered by Roku TV. The very first models are now available for purchase.

Philips TVs Will Now Be Powered By Roku OS
Roku today announced that it has added another popular brand to its Roku TV licensing program. Philips-branded TVs are manufactured for the U.S. market by Japan’s Funai. The smart TVs used to be powered by the in-house NetTV platform which wasn’t that great to begin with. New Philips-branded TVs will now come with Roku’s operating system out of the box, providing a much smarter connected TV experience.

Philips Hue Retroactively Adds HomeKit Support To More Products
When Apple launched its HomeKit platform, Philips was one of the companies that was quick to jump on board with support for some of their devices. The good news is that if you owned a Philips Hue device that did not have HomeKit support, a recent update by Philips should address that.

Philips Launches BASS+ Wireless Earbuds
#IFA2017 – While wireless headphones aren’t exactly new, what seems to be the trend these days are wireless earbuds, where these are “true” wireless headphones that do not sport any cables whatsoever, unlike headphones like the BeatsX which still have some cables. In fact throwing their hat into the ring is Philips who has debuted the BASS+.