Ambient lighting is something that seems to be very popular these days, especially with smart lighting systems in which with an app and at a touch of a button, users can change the mood of the room in an instant. Philips is one of the main companies leading the charge with its Hue lighting system, and more recently they have unveiled new additions to the Hue lineup.

This comes in the form of the Signe and Play lights, both of which are designed to provide ambient lighting and to cover instances where existing Hue lights might not be able to. With the Signe, these are table and floor lamps (see above) that project light which bounces off a wall. The lamps do not support multi-zone lighting (meaning more than one color per lamp), but users can setup multiple lamps with each emitting a different color.

Then there are also the Play lights which is a light bar that can be placed wherever you want, such as on the floor, behind a TV, on top of a shelf, and so on. Three Play lamps can be connected to the same power source at once, which the company claims was designed to reduce the amount of sockets needed.

As expected of the Hue ecosystem, they will play nicely with Apple’s HomeKit if that’s of importance to you. As for pricing, the Signe Table Light will be priced at $160 while the Floor Light will go for $250. The Hue Play will be priced at $70 with one fixture, while the double base kit will retail for $130.

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