A light box is a photographers tool which they use in order to photograph small items, such as cellphones, tablets, watches, perfume, etc. The point of the light box is that it will allow for multiple light sources to come in, but at the same time diffuse it in order to cast a softer light and reduce shadows that may otherwise ruin a perfectly good photo. If you’re a traveling photographer and require the use of a light box, Instructables user Hharry has a solution for you in the form of a portable light box.

The fabric used as the sides of the box, and to diffuse light sources, contains pockets which are able to house the dowel rods. These rods are not set in place and can be removed, allow the fabric to collapse onto itself and folded away in a case, which can then be carried around with you. When you need to set up the light box, all you’d have to do is insert the dowel rods into the pockets of the fabric, which will then pull the fabric taut and hold it in place.

It’s a rather ingenious solution, although we’re not sure exactly how many photographers would need to bring a light box with them wherever they go. However if a light box is something you need for your photography, and its portability is just a bonus feature, Hharry has mentioned that it will cost you $40-$80 to build the entire thing for yourself. Head on down to his Instructables page for the full list of materials and instructions.

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