Panasonic Lumix P-05C phone is sporting a 13.2 megapixel camera
According to the statistics, the iPhone 4’s camera is one of the most popular cameras used on Flickr. The Nokia N9’s camera sounds promising too, with the ability to load up fast and also featuring Carl Zeiss optics, but what about Panasonic’s latest offering? The P-05C smartphone that Panasonic launched on NTT’s DoCoMo network may prove to be a worthy challenger with its 13.2 megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization, […]

Toshiba’s 1.12 micrometer pixel CMOS sensor launched
Cameras on phones have come a long way since they were first introduced; from being able to capture photos in VGA to a whopping 8 megapixels that we are starting to see in some of the newer smartphones today. Most photography experts will tell you that the megapixels don’t really matter, and it’s usually a marketing gimmick used to sell cameras, unless of course you are looking to print poster/billboard […]

DIY camera takes Lomo-like photographs
If the thought of making your own camera sounds ludicrous, perhaps this DIY camera that was made out laser-cut acrylic parts and scavenged lenses may change your mind. If fact, Kit Man of Kit Da Studio is even providing the AI template file that he used, so that you could cut out your own camera if you chose to.

Hipstamatic releases Cowboys & Aliens freepak
iPhone users should be familiar with the Hipstamatic app by now. For those unfamiliar, Hipstamatic is a photography app found on iOS devices that allows the different combinations of film, lens and camera flash effects to create truly unique looking photographs.


Play with camera settings using CameraSim’s online simulator
So you’ve just bought yourself a brand new camera, or perhaps it was given to you as a gift, but like all budding amateur photographers, the dials, the numbers and the deep menus will probably confuse you quite a bit. So instead of poring through the camera’s manual or buying a guide book on how to use your camera, how about this online camera simulator that will let you experiment […]

DSLR Solutions brings follow focus to film-makers on a budget
Using DSLR to shoot and record videos these days are not unheard of. After all with the improvements in camera technology, certain DSLR’s will even allow you to shoot in HD quality. In fact here’s a little trivia – for those of you who follow the television series House, the last episode of season six, “Help Me”, was filmed using Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras. Granted DSLR cameras won’t be […]

Powershovel’s CLAP Digital Camera Is Tiny
Looking to do some espionage? Or perhaps you want a camera that can fit into your pocket without creating unnecessary bulge, or perhaps you’re just looking for a novelty item. Either way, Powershovel’s CLAP digital camera could be what you’re looking for. 

“Light Scythe” Lets You Do Huge Light Paintings
For those unfamiliar with light painting, it’s a photographic technique which uses long exposures and a light source, to “paint” the photo with light. The photo above is a great example as I am sure those who are unfamiliar with photography or light painting may have thought that “The Light Scythe” words that appear, are probably a result of photo editing. In reality it was created using a camera, the […]

Nikon Prototype/Concept Cameras On Display In France
Cameras have evolved throughout the years, as most technology does. Externally however, camera design has not really been that radical, unlike the technology used inside the cameras, which have come a long way from its humble beginnings. If you take a look at DSLR and compact cameras, you realize that throughout the years, the changes have not really been radical, perhaps new colors, more curved edges, smaller and more compact. […]

This Light Switch Secretly Takes Photos And Texts Them To Your Phone
If you’re worried that Nanny Cams are starting to catch on, then how about getting your hands on this light switch instead? It looks like a typical light switch with the exception that it has a hidden camera built into the “logo”. It works by motion sensors, so when it detects movement it will either record a video or take a snap shot. It will then store the images and […]

iPhone Camera Perspective Distortion Correction Being Researched By Apple
If you’ve taken a photo before then sometimes you would have ended up with shots that seem slightly tilted and this is completely normal because not all of us carry around tools to help measure whether the photo is level before snapping it. Of course some cameras come built in with grids and guides to help you take a more level image but there are times when you do mess […]

Lytro Camera Lets You Shoot First, Focus Later
Autofocus speed is key when you’re trying to take photos of things in motion, like a sporting event, wildlife or candid photos which is why sometimes camera users from both the point-and-shoot and DSLR camera spectrum find themselves frustrated and disappointed by photos that turn out to be blurry and out-of-focus, leaving them with only a memory of what just happened. The Lytro is a camera that seeks to change […]

Leaked Photos Of The New Olympus PEN Mini
Camera and photography enthusiasts should be familiar with Olympus’s PEN series which is part of their micro-four-thirds line up and was supposed to bridge the gap between compact point and shoot styled cameras and the bigger and sometimes heavier DSLR cameras.

Using Gestures To Take Self-Portraits
The act of taking self-portraits in an art unto itself, some people have the gift to manage to get an entire group of 10 people into a photo while taking a self-portrait while others not so lucky end up with photographs that cut people out or are angled badly. Timers can sometimes help although it does make one look rather silly holding a pose for 5 seconds until the camera […]