Dancing with Invisible LightThe Kinect has proven to be limitless in terms of potential, ever since its inception, new projects that make use of this motion sensor controller have been popping up every week. Now a new use has been discovered with the device – a light source for some artistic photographs. You must be wondering, “What light? The Kinect doesn’t emit any light!” Oh it does – just that it’s not visible to the naked eye. In case you were wondering how the Kinect can detect the movement of people in front of it, it beams out a pattern of infrared structured light and picks up movement by the distortion of these lights. A photographer recently discovered this when she used a camera capable of capturing infrared light to take photographs of people in front of the device. Noticing how interesting the photographs turned out with the dots of light all over the place, she was inspired to create a series of photographs called “Dancing with Invisible Light”. Her photographs are nothing short of impressive, and will be shown off at the Pictopia gallery in Emeryville, California this Friday. Head here for more details on the show.


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