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Iris Lens Lets You Attach Lenses To Your Smartphone Easily
If you are in the market for a camera lens attachment for your smartphone, there are several options available in the market today, with brands like Moment and Olloclip being some of the more popular options. The Moment lens prides itself as being a more premium lens but the downside is that you need to attach a lens mount to your phone.This is an adhesive attachment meaning that once you’ve […]

Photojojo Wants To Turn Your iPhone Into A Disposable Camera, Sort Of
The joys of using a digital camera or your phone to take photos is that you can take as many photos as you like (as long as you have enough memory) without worrying about wasting film, something that kids these days might not be familiar with. However for those that do, there is a bit of nostalgia in the excitement of seeing how your photos developed, and being careful with […]

The DSLR Wheel of Filters gives DSLR owners 18 filters to play with
We’ve covered several iPhone cases in the past that comes with a spinning wheel at the back which basically allows users to swap between filters for their smartphone’s camera. They seem more novel than functional, and now it looks like DSLR owners will be able to do that to their cameras as well. The folks at Photojojo have unveiled this DSLR wheel of filters which basically attaches to the lens […]

iPhone Scuba Suit will give your iPhone waterproof protection
If you’re looking to take your iPhone with you to the beach or the poolside this summer and capture those special moments, you might want to consider the iPhone Scuba Suit lest your phone ends up being waterlogged. As the name itself has probably implied, the iPhone Scuba Suit is a casing for the iPhone 4/4S that apparently will be able to make sure it is 100% waterproof up to […]


Colorful Filters for Old Flashguns from Photojojo
If you have a camera with an old flashgun that has scared you in the past due to its ability in washing out pictures and making everything look like it was taken in a dark room with no hope of there ever being late, the new range of colorful flash filters by Photojojo might be an adequate addition to your photography instruments. At only $30, you can get the kit […]

iPhone Boom Mic by Photojojo will improve your audio recording quality
We’ve seen several iPhone camera lens attachments in the past, but if you’ve always wanted to use your iPhone mainly as a recording device or to take your iPhone videography creations to the next level, Photojojo has recently announced the availability of the iPhone Boom Mic. It basically does what a regular boom mic does, except that this time it’s smaller and not to mention a whole lot cheaper as […]

iPhone Shutter Grip looks to be a welcome accessory for iPhone photography enthusiasts
iPhone photography enthusiasts, if one of your fears when using your iPhone to take photos is that it might slip out of your hand fall to the ground, you might be interested in taking a look at Photojojo’s iPhone Shutter Grip. It’s a pretty straightforward device and the name and the photo above practically gives it away. It’s essentially a grip for your iPhone that attaches to your iPhone’s connector […]

Photorito wrap disguises your camera lens as a burrito
Placing your expensive DSLR lens on the table in public while swapping between lenses might sound like an invitation for a thieving opportunist to swipe it and make a run for it. So how would one safely swap lenses in public, without everyone in the world knowing that the lens you’re taking out of your bag is your Canon L-series lens that you just blew two grand on? Well you […]

Photojojo's Macro Cell Lens Band for smartphones is cost effective
Looking for a cheap and easy way to take macro photos on your smartphone? If you are, Photojojo’s Macro Cell Lens Band may be the solution for you, and at $15 it won’t exactly burn a hole in your wallet. As you can see in the photo above, the Macro Cell Lens Band really does live up to its name, albeit a rather unimaginative name.If you haven’t already figured it […]

Photojojo's Lens Dial for the iPhone photography enthusiast
The other day we reported on the Holga lens kit which was basically an iPhone case with a rotating dial at the back to swap between lomography-styled lenses. Now if lomography isn’t your thing and you prefer regular photography, Photojojo may have the answer for you in the form of the Lens Dial.

Photojojo unveils CF/SD card reader for the iPad
Despite how bright, accurate, or vivid our camera LCD displays are, it’s probably a lot more convenient to view photos on a larger display, perhaps on a tablet like the iPad, which is why Photojojo has recently unveiled the iPad CF and SD card reader, which will allow users to attach a CF or SD card reader to the iPad in order to retrieve/view the photos from the memory card.

iPhone SLR Mount turns your iPhone into "an SLR"
If you take a lot of photographs with your iPhone I’m pretty sure there are moments when you wish that your iOS phone was an SLR camera instead. Well, you don’t have to wish anymore, thanks to the folks over at Photojojo. They’ve just released a new product that allows a lot of iPhone users to do what they’ve been dreaming about for a long time (publisher: really?): a case […]

Photojojo waterproof camera is pretty cheap
If you’re off to the seaside for vacation or just a day trip, you might not want to bring your shiny new SLR in case it gets wet, damaged, or covered in sand. But if you really want to take some photographs, and having fun in the water as well, you have the choice of either investing in a pricey waterproof camera – or you can obtain a budget-lover’s delight […]