If you’re looking to take your iPhone with you to the beach or the poolside this summer and capture those special moments, you might want to consider the iPhone Scuba Suit lest your phone ends up being waterlogged. As the name itself has probably implied, the iPhone Scuba Suit is a casing for the iPhone 4/4S that apparently will be able to make sure it is 100% waterproof up to depths of 15m. Any deeper and we think you might want to consider other forms of protection. Basically 15m should be good enough to snap those underwater shots whether at the beach or in the pool, and fret not as the iPhone Scuba Suit will also provide users with access to all of the iPhone’s buttons as well. Not the most attractive case we’ve seen but it should get the job done. For those interested in waterproofing their iPhones for the summer can pop on over to Photojojo where they will be able to order one for themselves for $60.

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