Despite how bright, accurate, or vivid our camera LCD displays are, it’s probably a lot more convenient to view photos on a larger display, perhaps on a tablet like the iPad, which is why Photojojo has recently unveiled the iPad CF and SD card reader, which will allow users to attach a CF or SD card reader to the iPad in order to retrieve/view the photos from the memory card.

Unfortunately one of the drawbacks to the iPad (and iOS devices in general) is that they come with a fixed amount of storage. Depending on what you use your iOS device for, that amount may or may not be sufficient for your needs. Android tablets on the other hand usually have the luxury of sporting a microSD card slot, which most of the time allows the user to expand storage up to an additional 32GB.

The CF/SD card reader for the iPad attaches to the 30-pin dock connector on the iPad (which makes us believe that it should have no problems attaching to an iPod touch or iPhone) and allows users to access the files on the CF/SD card via the Photos app. If your digital camera does not use either a CF or SD card, not to worry as the reader features a USB port as well.

For those interested, the CF card reader will set you back $30, while the SD card reader will go for $15. According to Photojojo’s website, if you were to get both at the same time you will be able to save yourself $5. For more information head on down to Photojojo’s website.

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