We’ve seen several iPhone camera lens attachments in the past, but if you’ve always wanted to use your iPhone mainly as a recording device or to take your iPhone videography creations to the next level, Photojojo has recently announced the availability of the iPhone Boom Mic. It basically does what a regular boom mic does, except that this time it’s smaller and not to mention a whole lot cheaper as well. It will attach to your iPhone device via the headphone jack and comes with two settings – one for capturing nearby sound and another for sounds further away.


The mic can also be adjusted and allows the user to point the microphone in the direction that they wish to record. It is powered by a single AAA battery and will work with the iPad as well. If this sounds like the accessory you need to take your YouTube stardom to brand new heights, pop over to Photojojo’s website where you will be able to order one for $40. [Image credit – Photojojo]

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