Choken Bako Robotic Dog Bank eats coins for breakfast

One way or another, that pooch you call your best friend eats money – whether it comes in the form of canned food, dry kibble, or in the case of the Choken Bako Robotic Dog Bank, coins – literally. This money-eating pet coin box is going to cost you $53 in advance, where you can choose from a quartet of new pastel colors. They will “eat” coins which you place […]

Canon EOS 7D camera makes an awesome piggy bank

If you’ve ever thought that a camera would make an awesome piggy bank – you’re not alone. Fortunately for you (and all camera lovers out there) there’s no need to hollow out that precious DSLR of yours to make a container to keep your treasure in. The folks over at Brando are selling a toy Canon EOS 7D with an EF 70-200mm lens that looks just like the real deal. […]

Personal ATM helps your kids to save money

There are plenty of piggy banks available on the market, but none of them really do anything besides save your money for you. Well, the folks over at Latest Buy are selling the Personal ATM – an advanced piggy bank that can be used to teach your kids the value of money. Kids get an ATM Card and a PIN number that they will use to login to the system. […]

Piggy Bank with a modern twist

There is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction after you have saved your money for a rainy day, and here we are with a concept thanks to the brains of Wang Chao, Maggie Kuo and Jordi Parra. This piggy bank works differently than the rest, as it is more or less like those virtual pets that live on a physical device (Tamagotchi, anyone?), save that you just need to […]


Canon DSLR is actually a coin bank

We’ve seen fake lenses that were actually water tumblers in the past, and this time around we have a Canon DSLR coin bank to help you save up those precious pennies over the years towards your new lens fund – of course, with the approval of the missus. After all, if photography will not put food on the table, it goes without saying that you definitely can’t afford to blow […]

Ekomini USB Powered Piggy Bank

Want to teach your kids how to get into the habit of saving and investing money? The Ekomini will certainly help you achieve that. This USB piggy bank can be connected to your PC via USB cable, and will scan the coins that are deposited into it. The deposits are credited to a virtual account that’s stocked with games and life-skill building challenges (that are related to finance). They will […]

Bandai coin bank wolfs them down

Bandai has come up with something for the kids to teach them the virtues of saving up for a rainy day just in case in their distant future, huge conglomerates have bosses that take home insane salaries while playing around with creative accounting to bring about a worldwide economic collapse. Keep them interested in saving money with this puppy coin bank that boasts an integrated motion sensor in the nose […]

Ikemen piggy bank woos you

The Ikemen electronic piggy bank will surely be a hit with lonely single women, as the dream virtual boyfriend that you can see on the LCD display will flatter you with sweet romantic phrases and compliments each time you drop some spare change inside. The moment you hit the 50,000 yen mark (that is around $500), you will end up with a happy ending. Just make sure to feed this […]

Swear piggy bank

You know how some people curse and cuss whenever they find out that they don’t have enough dough to purchase the item they really, really want? The Swear piggy bank ought to provide ample reminder to save for a rainy day, where it comes in a speech bubble filled with graphical representations of swearing, reminding you to drop some spare change inside whenever possible. Heck, it can also function as […]