One way or another, that pooch you call your best friend eats money – whether it comes in the form of canned food, dry kibble, or in the case of the Choken Bako Robotic Dog Bank, coins – literally. This money-eating pet coin box is going to cost you $53 in advance, where you can choose from a quartet of new pastel colors. They will “eat” coins which you place on their plates, condemning those coins to the box right below immediately.

It will be able to wolf down just about most coin sizes, and if you tend to end up with plenty of loose change at the end of each working day, you would find yourself emptying this particularly cute coin bank rather regularly. Choose from purple, green, blue and pink shades, and if this coin bank runs out of AA batteries, then it isn’t going to do you any good in keeping your “investments” safe – it would instead end up as a paperweight.

It does, however, look like a good way to get your little ones started on the saving habit.

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