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Technogel Helps You Sleep Better
Who does not want to have a good night’s sleep, especially when the day has been more than stressful enough? A great mattress as well as pillow to support your back and neck well is always important so that you wake up feeling refreshed instead of being more tired, not to mention ensuring that you will be able to tackle the next day’s tasks with a greater vigor than ever […]

This Nintendo 64 Controller Pillow May Have You Dreaming Of Video Games
If you got your hands on the SEGA Dreamcast Backpack when it debuted in Japan earlier this year, something tells us you’re a fan of old-scoop gaming consoles and aren’t afraid of showing your adoration for them. That’s why when we saw this Nintendo 64 controller pillow, we know you’d definitely appreciate it.

Hizamakura Lap Pillow Is Absolutely Weird
Now, there have been some pretty weird pillows that we have seen in the past, and the Ostrich Pillow is definitely one of them that managed to make the jump from being an idea to a successful Kickstarter project. Now only that, Capcom too, recently introduced a special edition Blood Pillow that ought to freak out those who suffer from hemophobia. Apart from that, we have also seen a dictionary […]

Jukusui-kun pillow helps put an end to snoring
If you’re the type that suffers from sleep apnea or someone who snores heavily at night, this robotic polar bear pillow might be something worth checking out. It has been dubbed as the Jukusui-kun, and was developed by Wasaeda University’s Kabe Lab in Japan. Its aim is to help those who suffer from sleep apnea and heavy snoring by gently tickling the user’s face.


Evolution Neck Pillow makes sleeping on flights comfortable
We’ve had quite a number of crazy pillows featured on this site before, from the long distance relationship pillow, to the pillow tie, and of course who could ever forget the ostrich pillow? Well now we have a new addition to the list, though it’s not as extreme as the previously featured pillows, it does look pretty ridiculous.Called the Evolution Neck Pillow, it is designed for people who have trouble […]

Ostrich pillow lets you sleep at your desk
Don’t you just hate how uncomfortable your desk at work is – especially when you’re trying to have a power nap during lunch time? Well, Kawamura-Ganjavian, a Madrid-based design studio has come up with a solution to the problem. An interestingly designed pillow called the Ostrich. In case you’re wondering why it’s called the Ostrich – the pillow does resemble the body of an ostrich, and like an ostrich, you’re […]

Lens pillow is something you don't mind dropping it
When you are serious about photography, surely you would have a DSLR or two sitting at home, boasting an array of lenses to choose from for the right occasion. Of course, you might end up dropping one of those precious lenses due to your butter-fingered nature, and not only will the lens break if it falls hard enough, your heart will, too. Here is one lens that you won’t mind […]

Pillow Talk for long distance relationships
Pillow Talk is not the name of a new relationship book, and neither does it mean getting all snuggly with your other half. No sir, Pillow Talk is actually a project by Interaction Design Student Joanna Montgomery who wants to keep the flame between long distance lovers burning, as it allows them to listen to the real-time heartbeat of their loved one regardless of how many thousands of miles that […]

Laptop Pillow
Ever spent a wild night out before a workday only to find yourself napping at your cubicle, and to make matters worse, you have rested your head on the keyboard itself, resulting in marks of all keys on your face when you are rudely awakened by the boss? With the Laptop Pillow, such a thing will never happen again since it comes in a plush material that will ensure you […]