If you got your hands on the SEGA Dreamcast Backpack when it debuted in Japan earlier this year, something tells us you’re a fan of old-scoop gaming consoles and aren’t afraid of showing your adoration for them. That’s why when we saw this Nintendo 64 controller pillow, we know you’d definitely appreciate it.

The N64 pillow was created by artist Donna Marie Evans which is made from a combination of polar fleece and cotton. The buttons and letters on the pillow are all embroidered as well as the shoulder buttons and the “Z” button on the back of the pillow. Evans credits her N64 obsession due to it being the first console she ever owned and has always had a special place in her heart for the controller’s unique shape.

Unfortunately for gamers, the N64 pillow is a complete labor of love and is a one-of-a-kind product. Evans wanted to create the pillow as a way for her to show her love for the console, as well as have a comfortable way to slouch around while play Animal Crossing. We guess all we can do is stare enviously at the photos Evans published online while we take a nap on some standard pillows we got on sale at Target.

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