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Sprint launches new 3G/4G mobile broadband plans
While many folks mourn the loss of the Sprint’s unlimited data plan for its non-smartphone devices, it looks like the carrier is trying to make things right with the launch of its new mobile broadband plans. While Sprint isn’t going to give you unlimited data anymore, it has tailored a bunch of plans to suit the needs of different folks.For $19.99 a month, users can get 1GB of data just […]

T-Mobile launches new non-contract 4G plans
T-Mobile has announced the addition of a new plan to its Monthly4G lineup. In addition to the previous non-contract offerings, the carrier now  offers a new $60 per month plan that gives you unlimited talk, text and Web, with the first 2GB of data at up to 4G speeds (HSPA+ in this case). The carrier is also offering three new Pay by the Day plans:$3/day for unlimited talk, text and […]

Vodafone UK lowers iPhone 4S prices
With the iPhone 4S hitting over 1 million pre-orders on its first day, and shattering the iPhone 4’s record of 600,000, it is looking like the iPhone 4S is turning out to be quite the popular device after all, despite the lukewarm reception that it received when it was first announced. Despite the popularity evidenced by its pre-order sales, Vodafone in the UK has decided to help its popularity along […]

T-Mobile to launch Pay-Per-Day prepaid plans October 16th
Thanks to a leaked screenshot discovered by TmoNews, we now know that T-Mobile has plans to launch a pay-per-day prepaid plan, which is expected to be launched on the 16th of October. These plans look like pretty affordable, especially if you’re a little tight on cash that particular month.


T-Mobile launches revamped rate plans
T-Mobile has officially launched a new suite of family and individual plans touted to make data affordable for everyone. The plans are available for both new and existing customers, with single-line and multiline options including unlimited talk, text and data (though data speed is throttled after a limit is reached). With entry-level data plans starting at $10 for 200MB of high-speed data, it is good enough for folks who don’t […]

HTC plans to release more tablets this year?
While HTC’s first tablet, the HTC Flyer, still has yet to arrive on our shores, it looks like the Taiwanese company is already thinking of launching more tablets. At the recent Global Technology Summit, HTC Europe’s head, Florian Seiche was quoted as saying:“I really believe that the tablet market is really going to be a big market in the future and this is just the start… In five years’ time, […]

T-Mobile unlimited WiFi calls returning?
According to some leaked T-Mobile internal documents discovered by the folks at TmoNews, there’s going to be some good news for T-Mobile subscribers. The company will be pushing out some new exciting features to many of its phones and it could happen as early as tomorrow.First up is unlimited WiFi calling which should be a free add-on for subscribers of the Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More […]

T-Mobile confirms new, unlimited plans
Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile users will be able to sign up for new single-line unlimited plans that start at $79.99/month for Even More customers and $59.99 for Even More Plus customers. Only available for a limited time, these plans give customers unlimited text, data (2GB cap, then the throttle kicks in), and talk time (from T-Mobile to T-Mobile) though I believe the ones who will be hopping to this plan are […]

Sony Ericsson aims to be largest Android handset maker
According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Sony Ericsson has plans to become the largest maker of Android handsets. The company will be shifting their focus out of Europe and into the rest of the world. For starters, Sony Ericsson will be releasing new models in the US before Europe, according to their CEO, Bert Nordberg, “The epicenter of the mobile industry has moved to the West Coast of the […]

webOS coming to PCs
At the webOS event today, HP ended their presentation with something that pretty much floored the crowd. They announced that webOS won’t be limited to just mobile devices and their printers; the operating system will find its way on to desktop computers as well as laptops. While there weren’t any details revealed about how it was going to work, expect HP to give us more information in the near future. […]

Google TV ARMs itself to compete with Apple TV
We all know that Google TV didn’t do too well when it was launched last year- networks were blocking it from accessing their content, and OEMs taking their sweet time to embrace the platform.  But this year, it has been reported that Google will be making some significant changes in order to step up their game plan. Google will be making the transition from Intel’s CE4100 (used in the Logitech […]