T-Mobile unlimited WiFi calling

According to some leaked T-Mobile internal documents discovered by the folks at TmoNews, there’s going to be some good news for T-Mobile subscribers. The company will be pushing out some new exciting features to many of its phones and it could happen as early as tomorrow.

First up is unlimited WiFi calling which should be a free add-on for subscribers of the Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More plans. Users won’t have to pay any monthly fees to make calls over WiFi anymore, which is good news for those of you that use the function frequently.

Next, there’s a new service called Name ID which is basically a more detailed version of caller ID. In addition to showing the caller’s name, you get to see his/her number, city, and state if they are not in your contacts.

The third feature is Voicemail-to-Text – the ability to convert your voicemails into text messages for easy archiving and searching purposes. As if the Yap Voicemail app wasn’t enough, you now get an alternate way to turn those audio clips into texts that can be “listened” to discreetly when in a meeting.

It looks like T-Mobile are going all out in improving their services before they get acquired by AT&T. Hopefully the merge won’t get rid of these features their subscribers will be enjoying.

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