With the iPhone 4S hitting over 1 million pre-orders on its first day, and shattering the iPhone 4’s record of 600,000, it is looking like the iPhone 4S is turning out to be quite the popular device after all, despite the lukewarm reception that it received when it was first announced. Despite the popularity evidenced by its pre-order sales, Vodafone in the UK has decided to help its popularity along further but lowering their prices.

For those living in the UK, it looks like Vodafone could be your carrier of choice should you decide to get the iPhone 4S. If you decide to go with the 16GB model, the cheapest plan at £26 a month will now require you to pay £239 for the phone upfront, which is £120 cheaper from its original price of £359. The 32GB model will see a drop in price of £80 while the 64GB model will be £70 cheaper. All of this will be on a two year contract.

Apparently this move by Vodafone is so that they could remain competitive while offering good value across all the iPhone models. While Vodafone still may not be the cheapest carrier for the iPhone 4S, some of the perks of subscribing to Vodafone, such as deals on V Festival and free browsing for BT Openzone wireless hotspots could convince customers to come over to their side. Regardless their motives, as long as it translates to savings and a bargain, we’re sure that most customers would be happy enough.

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