No Man's Sky Finally Released For Xbox One
Some of you may remember No Man’s Sky as a console exclusive for the PlayStation 4. The game has been limited to Sony’s gaming platform for nearly two years. It was confirmed by developer Hello Games earlier this year that the game would eventually be released for the Xbox One as well. This became true earlier this week when No Man’s Sky was finally released for the Xbox One.

Sony Is 'Confident' It'll Find PS4 Fortnite Cross-Play Solution
Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular games this year that’s available on a variety of platforms including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. While Fortnite cross-play is possible between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Sony doesn’t allow it on the PlayStation 4. Fans have obviously not been happy about this and after its initial response to criticism failed to assuage concerns, Sony is addressing […]

Sony PlayStation Hits Offer Discounts On Great Games
Many great titles have been released for the PlayStation 4 over the past couple of years and if you missed out on any of them, Sony is now providing you with an incentive to pick one up. The company today announced the launch of its PlayStation Hits offer through which it’s offering these titles at discounted rates.

Former Sony Head Claims Fortnite Cross-Play Blocked Due To 'Money'
Fornite was launched on the Nintendo Switch recently and PlayStation 4 owners don’t get progression sync or cross-play with the console, much like how it is with the Xbox One. The block prevents the player from carrying over their progress, purchases, and skins from Fortnite on PlayStation 4 to either console. Joe Smedley, the former boss of Sony Online Entertainment, claims that the block is due to “money.”


Sony's Response To Fortnite Backlash Doesn't Assuage Concerns
Fortnite was finally launched for the Nintendo Switch a few days back and given that it’s an insanely popular game that gained over 125 million players in less than a year, it goes without saying that a lot of people were happy that it had finally been released for the Switch. However, PlayStation 4 owners got a rude shock when they found out that Sony has effectively blocked Epic Games […]

Gameplay Trailer Of PS4 Exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima Released
The makers of the popular Infamous series of superhero games have been working on a new title called Ghost of Tsushima that’s going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. The first gameplay trailer for this seemingly impressive game was revealed during E3 2018 in Los Angeles and it certainly seems promising.

PS4 Yakuza 3, 4, And 5 Remasters Confirmed
Sega’s Yakuza franchise has been quite popular down in Japan and only recently has its popularity been increasing in the West as titles from the series are gradually making their way to the market. The first releases from the Yakuza series have arrived on the PlayStation 4 in the West and those who played them have missed out on the earlier versions. They will be happy to know that remasters […]

God Of War Is The Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive
There’s no doubt that God of War has quickly become one of the most popular games ever released for the PlayStation 4. It’s the latest iteration in this very popular franchise and it has been very well received on Sony’s gaming platform. Sony today announced that the new title has achieved a major milestone. It has become the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive title in the console’s history.

Yakuza 6 For PS4 Finally Launched In The United States
It has been a long wait for fans of Sega’s Yakuza gangster series and they will be delighted to know that the wait is finally over for them. Yakuza 6 for PlayStation 4 has now been released in the United States. Yakuza 6 was initially released in Japan back in December last year and it was always known that the developers would require additional time to get the title ready […]

Latest God Of War Trailer Confirms PSN Unlock Time For North America
God of War is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year for PlayStation 4 owners and the wait will soon be over for them. A new trailer has been released by Sony Interactive Entertainment today which confirms the PlayStation Network unlock time for players in North America. This is a crucial bit of information that many God of Wars have likely been waiting for.

New Spider-Man PS4 Game Release Date Confirmed
It has long been known that a new Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 is being developed and the studio has finally confirmed the title’s release date today. It’s going to be available later this year. The new Spider-Man game is going to be one of the biggest releases for the PlayStation 4 this fall. Insomniac Games is the developer behind this title.

New God Of War Gameplay And Combat Videos Released
There’s a lot of excitement for the upcoming God of War title and Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica are plugging into that hype today with the release of two new God of War videos that highlight the title’s gameplay and combat mechanics. Fans of this franchise will certainly know that combat is one of the most important elements of God of War so they will certainly be interested […]

God Of War PS4 Release Date Confirmed
Kratos is coming. Sony has finally confirmed the God of War PS 4 release date today. Fans have been waiting for this title for quite some time now and they will be delighted to find out that Sony has finally confirmed when they will be able to play this game. The new God of War title brings a new look for protagonist Kratos and appears to shift the focus of […]

PS4 Hack Enables Homebrew Software And PS2 Emulation
It hasn’t exactly been easy to hack the PlayStation 4 but that doesn’t mean that hackers haven’t been trying to come up with a way. They’ve actually been able to find a way which enables people to run homebrew software on compromised consoles as well as emulators for PlayStation 2 games. However, there’s a catch.