trump_websiteIf there is a reason why companies register a variety of domain names for upcoming products and services, it is because they want to protect their intellectual property and prevent others from misusing it. This is also the same reason why during presidential campaigns, domain names related to candidates are similarly bought up.

However for some reason it seems that presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s campaign staff seemed to have forgotten about the rather obvious, which unfortunately has since been hijacked and now redirects to one of his presidential rival’s website, Now we can’t be sure if the website was hacked.

Prior to this, going to simply displayed a blank page. It is possible that maybe the owner thought it would be funny to redirect it to Donald Trump’s own website. According to the folks at Vox, it seems that Trump’s campaign has denied any involvement, and so has Bush’s campaign.

In fact further digging revealed that the owner of the website is a company called Pty Ltd., an Australian company that apparently helps people to monetize their domain names. This isn’t the first time a political candidate has had a domain registered in their name that wasn’t done by them, and it probably won’t be the last either. No word on whether Jeb Bush’s campaign are planning to do anything about it, or whether or not they can.

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