PQI Traveling Disk U275L has patented push pen-style mechanism

What is so special about the PQI Traveling Disk U275L? For starters, it is touted to be the only USB flash drive with an extendable push pen-style patented mechanism in the world, where special provisions have been made for user operating requirements. Remember those old school mechanical pencils that have you push the opposite end to get fresh lead out? Well, the PQI Traveling Disk U275L follows in similar footsteps, […]

PQI Intelligent Drive U819V is smallest USB 3.0 flash drive in the world

PQI loves to stay small – and by that, we do not mean the company as a whole, but rather, the kinds of USB flash drives that they churn out. Their latest effort would involve what they tout to be the smallest USB 3.0 traveling disk in the world otherwise known as the PQI Intelligent Drive U819V. PQI’s Intelligent Drive U819V traveling disk does not disappoint size-wise, coming in a […]

PQI introduces the world’s smallest USB 3.0 flash drive

While the capacities of storage drives are constantly growing size, manufacturers have been working on reducing their physical sizes as well. PQI has just introduced the world’s smallest USB 3.0 flash drive. Called the Intelligent Drive U819V, it measures a tiny 31.5 x 14.8 x 7.3mm and it comes in four different sizes – 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The Intelligent Drive U819V also makes use of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 […]

PQI Announces 64 GB SDXC Class 10 Memory Card

PQI is jumping into the next generation SDXC memory card format, which is based on the SD card format and resembles an SD card, but would allow up to 2 TB worth of storage on a postage-sized memory card though 2 TB SDXC storage still has not yet been accomplished. For its part, PQI is launching a 64 GB SDXC card, which is rated as a class 10 card. The […]


PQI Intelligent Drive U826 features Santa Claus

PQI will be rolling out their exclusive limited edition Intelligent Drive U826 this coming Christmas, so what better way to do so than by throwing in a Santa Claus design as well? Boasting special COB packaging technology, this rugged little USB number is water, dust, and shock-proof, where its exterior isn’t rough on your hands since it was created using a soft and elastic rubber material. The USB head itself […]

PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 RAM flagship model launched

PQI has rolled out its flagship memory module, the PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 which is touted to be an essential part of your computer if you decide to build one from ground up, putting in nothing but the best components within. It is expected to help unleash the ultimate performance from Intel core i7 (Lynnfield, LGA 1156) processors, and with its TURBO DDR3-2200 frequency, it boasts a theoretical 40% advantage […]

PQI CoolDrive U368 rocks to USB 3.0

PQI decided to roll out a USB 3.0 device for the masses in the form of the CoolDrive U368, whre this model is capable of hitting data transfer speeds of up to 105MB/s, and even so that is not the limit since taking full advantage of the bundled TurboFlash USB software will be able to see another increase. One thing’s for sure though, the PQI CoolDrive U368 will not be […]

PQI Launches 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Thinking of getting a 64GB thumb drive, but think that USB 2.0 is way too slow to transfer all that data? Well, PQI has the solution to that in the PQI Cool Drive U366, a USB 3.0 flash drive that is encased in an all aluminum shell. Being USB 3.0, it’ll feature a 5Gbps/sec maximum bandwidth and sports a read speed of up to 97MB/sec. If 64GB is too large […]

PQI Cool Drive U360 For Easy Data Transition

Want to send information from one computer over to another but are not in the vicinity of a network to connect to? To make matters worse, the USB flash drive that you’re holding doesn’t have enough space to carry the 10GB high definition media file that you want to share with your friend. Good thing there is the PQI Cool Drive U360 to help you out – this connecting cable […]

PQI Intelligent Drive i812

If you’re going to attend an event where there will be plenty of geeks, then might we suggest dressing up for the occasion with the PQI Intelligent Drive i812? You can choose from cherry blossom pink or royal blue colors, where the sandblasted surface comes engraved with a neat vine illustration for that extra dab of fashion. You can wear this as a necklace, where it comes in handy should […]