What is so special about the PQI Traveling Disk U275L? For starters, it is touted to be the only USB flash drive with an extendable push pen-style patented mechanism in the world, where special provisions have been made for user operating requirements. Remember those old school mechanical pencils that have you push the opposite end to get fresh lead out? Well, the PQI Traveling Disk U275L follows in similar footsteps, where pushing the opposite end will have the USB connector extend out for instant and effortless use. When you are done with your data transfer activities, just push the same end once more, and the connector will conveniently retract – hence doing away with the risk of the USB connector being broken, while solving the annoying problem of a cover loss.

Not only that, such a design is a whole lot more convenient and easier to use regardless of age (not that using a “traditional” USB flash drive requires a rocket science degree in the first place, but we’re speaking relatively here), but for first timers, they might take a few seconds figuring out how the whole thing works. Available in capacities ranging from 4GB to 32GB, we await with bated breath for these to arrive officially.

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