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Samsung Considering New Line Of Eco-Friendly Printers You Can Fold
As much as we try to live a life free of paper, you’re going to come across a time in your life where you absolutely need a printer to fill out paperwork, print out customized greeting cards, or to print out incriminating evidence for later use. Printers are a dime a dozen these days, which is why if you’re going to purchase one, you might as well go for an […]

LG Launches The Pocket Photo Smart Printer In The UK
Wouldn’t it be fun if you could print photos with you while you’re on the go? While we doubt this is what the vast majority of you guys out there need, but it does hold some novelty appeal, plus it sounds like it could be a great way to create some physical memories while on roadtrips and what not. In any case if this sounds like something you could be […]

HP Office Pro X Printer Enters Guinness World Records
This is not something that happens every week: an inkjet printer enters to Guinness World Records as it can consistently reach a print speed of 70 pages per minute (ppm), which makes it the world fastest desktop printer apparently (just slightly faster than Memjet). HP is capable of reaching those speed because they use a technology called Page-wide, which reduced the amount of motion that need to happen during the […]

HP LaserJet printers are open to hacker attacks according to researchers [Updated]
So as far as the general public is concerned, our printers pretty much do one thing which is to print our documents, so it would never really occur to the layman that hackers could actually hack into our printers for malicious purposes, at least until now thanks to a group of researchers at Columbia University who discovered that a security flaw that affected printers.


Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer aimed at pro photographers
Heads up pro photographers and serious hobbyists, if you’re interested in printing “gallery-quality” photos, you are in luck as Canon has unveiled the Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer, which apparently has been created with the pro photographer in mind.

Epson WorkForce range multiplies
Epson is a name that is synonymous with quality printers, and their latest attempt sees an expansion of the WorkForce line, sporting new all-in-one machines that are touted to offer superior performance for smaller businesses and organizations. The Epson WorkForce 435, 545, 645 and 845 are capable of offering performance as well as savings, being touted to boast the world’s fastest print speeds and mobile printing capabilities via Epson Connect […]

Samsung printer might make paper jams a thing of the past
We’ve surely covered a bunch of interesting devices and consumer electronics over the years, and right now, a printer might not pique your interest very much. That is, unless you hear of what Samsung has to offer in their latest release – a printer that boasts a dual core processor (yes, even printers are no longer exempt from peer pressure) as well as anti-jam technology. The latter would certainly make […]

HP ePrint-enabled printers support Google Cloud Print
HP has just announced that Google Cloud Print users can print directly to any of their ePrint-enabled printers through a supported app from any computer or smartphone. With the use of an HP ePrint-enabled printer, you can now print work on the go i.e. a report you forgot to print at home last night can now be waiting for you at your desk in the office just in time for […]

Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printer for professionals
Epson is well known for quality prints and now the company has introduced its Stylus Photo R3000, a high-end printer for photographers and fine artists. The printer is touted to offer gallery-quality black and white output, along with color prints. That R3000 supports Epson’s high-capacity individual ink cartridges along with a wide range of paper types and sizes. If you’re not fond of cables, the good news is that it […]

Epson Artisan 835 and Artisan 725 all-in-one printers
All-in-one devices used to be a jack of all trades and master of none, but Epson clearly aims to deliver otherwise with their new Artisan 835 and Artisan 725 all-in-one printers. First of all, the flagship Artisan 835 will come with a 7.8″ smart touchscreen panel, a 3.5″ color LCD display, integrated fax capability, and a 30-page Automatic Document Feeder to quickly copy and fax documents. As for the Artisan […]

HP teams up with Yahoo, brings targeted ads to printers
Just when you thought that something like the printer is spared from targeted ads, word of HP teaming up with Yahoo to bring said ads to HP’s web-connected printers have started to surface. It seems that these ads will only show up when you use HP’s “scheduled delivery” service in order to have portions of a newspaper or magazine printed every morning. Such printers will utilize IP sniffing to help […]

HP could include webOS in printers of the future
After acquiring Palm, HP is quick to get off the mark by finding a way to utilize the webOS plaform, and according to HP CEO Mark Hurd, “We expect to leverage webOS in a number of form factors, including slates and Web-connected printers. We’ve got a whole series of Web-connected printers now and as they connect to the Web, they need an OS.” Hmmm, a webOS-powered printer makes some sense, […]

Google Cloud Print: A New Approach To Printing
It’s hardly surprising that Google is very much in love with cloud computing, and now the search engine giant has unveiled Google Cloud Print, which is Google’s way of getting around all your printing woes. With Google’s method, instead of printing directly to the printer, you’ll be able to hookup your printer to the Google cloud service, and send the print jobs directly to the cloud. With that in place, […]