We’ve surely covered a bunch of interesting devices and consumer electronics over the years, and right now, a printer might not pique your interest very much. That is, unless you hear of what Samsung has to offer in their latest release – a printer that boasts a dual core processor (yes, even printers are no longer exempt from peer pressure) as well as anti-jam technology. The latter would certainly make anyone sit up and take notice – after all, paper jams are a complete waste of time, and I do wonder just how much productivity is lost across America each year due to paper jams.


Samsung’s latest A3/A4 B2B (business) series printers will come in the form of the ML4510 and ML-5010 Series that features high-speed performance, anti-jam technology, 1GB RAM and a 600MHz dual core processor – working more silently than the rest of your colleagues at a mere 54dB.

No idea on how much these puppies will cost, but if your office is in need to change its printer and eliminate the excuse of not printing important documents because the printer always chokes up, now’s the time to start budgeting for one of these puppies.

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