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Prius Drivers In Japan Can Earn Real-World Rewards
Buying a hybrid/electric car rewards the driver in knowing that by driving such a car, they are doing their part for the environment. There is also the added benefit of saving on gas since hybrids do tend to consume less fuel than their gas-powered counterparts. However if those perks aren’t good enough, not to worry.

92,000 Prius Hybrids Recalled Due To Faulty Parking Brake
If you happen to own a recent model of the Toyota Prius, you might want to take note. Toyota today recalled 92,000 Prius hybrids in the United States due to faulty parking brakes. The recall has been initiated in the interest of eliminating any possibility of bodily injury or harm in a rollaway scenario. Recalling these models will ensure that Toyota customers are not put in harm’s way by their […]

Toyota Announces Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid
Toyota has been in the business of selling hybrid cars for a long time. The company’s Prius has become a household name due to its popularity and the fact that it arrived at a time when there weren’t that many hybrid options on the market. Toyota today announced a new variant called the Prius Prime, it’s a plug-in hybrid version and it comes with quad-LED lights as well as an […]

Prius’ Backup Camera Used To Film Comedic Sketch
Most, if not all, modern cars these days come with a backup camera, or at least provides an option for customers to add it to their car. Now these cameras don’t exactly offer the best quality, but are decent enough to help you when you were reversing into a parking spot, but could it be used for more?


New Toyota Prius Range Released
Today marks the very first time that the initial batch of the new Toyota Prius has rolled off the Japanese automotive giant’s production line in the Land of the Rising Sun. So far, things look rather dapper for Toyota, as their order books are said to be so filled to the brim, that even President Akio Toyoda himself volunteered to assist in the production line – now how about that? […]

2016 Nissan Leaf Promises 107 Miles On A Single Charge
Electric cars are gradually becoming mainstream, on one hand you’ve got companies like Tesla that only make electric cars and on the other you have conventional car makers with a long history of making vehicles with internal combustion engines that are now also into the business of making EVs. Nissan is one such vehicle and its Leaf is actually one of the best selling electric cars on the market, now there’s […]

Toyota Prius Batteries Targeted By Car Thieves
It used to be back in the day that your car’s window would get smashed and your radio unit would be ripped out and resold on the black market, or maybe your tyres would be stolen and resold as well. However it seems that thieves these days are starting to change what they steal, and now it looks like car batteries are the new target.According to a report from KGO-TV, […]

Toyota Plug-In Prius To Receive Price Cut
Toyota intends to help accelerate the adoption of electric or hybrid cars through a tried and tested format – by slashing the price of the ride, of course. In fact, we have received word that Toyota would be introducing a $2,000 discount off the base price for the plug-in version of their extremely popular hybrid car. Just how much will it now cost? Well, we are looking at a $29,990 […]

Toyota Prius PHV Wireless Parking Charge
[CEATEC 2013] Wireless charging is not just meant for phones and tablets, as cars too, do seem to be catching up on this particular idea. It is just one more step in making the ownership of a fully electric vehicle more convenient. Toyota’s Prius has been quite the frontrunner when it comes to hybrid vehicles, and on the CEATEC showfloor this year, they showcased the Toyota Prius HPV with wireless […]

See-through Toyota Prius makes reverse parking a cinch
Are you one who for the life of you still cannot figure out how to parallel park or perform a reverse park maneuver due to your fear of blind spots even with the help of the side and rear view mirrors? Well, technology in vehicles have evolved to a stage today where there are reverse cameras, but even then there are some folks with a phobia of performing such parking […]

Toyota Prius cooks dinner for you
All right, so the title might be a wee bit misleading as the Toyota Prius will not actually whip out a hidden pair of arms just to make you dinner. Instead, what we are talking about here would be Toyota’s impending rollout of a system which will use your Prius plug-in hybrid as a giant battery. The inverter is the key here, where it will enable you to plug household […]

Toyota Prius PHV offers more oomph
We do know that Toyota is currently a world leader when it comes to the sales of hybrid vehicles, but the Toyota Prius PHV is the latest model that has just been announced, where it will offer more innovation compared to your standard gasoline-electric hybrid. According to Toyota’s Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada, better known as the “father of the Prius”, “The plug-in is the premier next-generation ecological car that […]

Toyota to launch H2V Manager home car charging tool next year
If you ever saw the need to monitor the charging of your EV remotely, Toyota has announced the H2V Manager that will allow you to monitor the charging of your Toyota Prius via the television, PC or smartphone. This is one of the features that Toyota is advertising in order to make their home car charging tool more appealing to the public.

Toyota has high hopes for new Prius plug-in hybrids
Toyota by far and large is the most successful manufacturer of hybrid vehicles in the world, and their latest target for the Prius plug-in hybrids? 50,000 units worldwide each year. Other competitors such as Honda did try in the past to combat the Prius with three generations of Civic hybrids, not to mention another two generations of Insight hybrids, but all those efforts have failed miserably to date in terms […]