We do know that Toyota is currently a world leader when it comes to the sales of hybrid vehicles, but the Toyota Prius PHV is the latest model that has just been announced, where it will offer more innovation compared to your standard gasoline-electric hybrid. According to Toyota’s Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada, better known as the “father of the Prius”, “The plug-in is the premier next-generation ecological car that will follow the hybrid.”

This Prius plug-in will feature an estimated electric vehicle cruise range per charge of 26.4 kilometers (16 miles), and when it comes to its mileage, it is tipped to average out at 61 kilometers for each liter under Japanese test conditions. Convert it to miles per gallon, and you have a whopping 143 mpg figure to toy around with. Needless to say, such numbers will depend on the kind of road conditions as well as your driving habits, so it remains to be seen just how it is like in the US and Europe should the Prius PHV make its way here. Would your next vehicle be a plug-in hybrid?

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