If you ever saw the need to monitor the charging of your EV remotely, Toyota has announced the H2V Manager that will allow you to monitor the charging of your Toyota Prius via the television, PC or smartphone. This is one of the features that Toyota is advertising in order to make their home car charging tool more appealing to the public.

On top of the ability to monitor the charging of your EV remotely, the H2V Manager will also allow you to manually start or stop the charging process all from the same devices we mentioned above as well. This would override the automatic charging process that will charge your EV based on the energy supply of your household.

For example during peak usage (i.e. when everyone is home and using various appliances), the H2V Manager can automatically stop the charging of your vehicle and resume charging the moment spare energy is available. This would help to save electricity, which is not only environmentally friendly, but wallet friendly as well.

Toyota says it plans on selling a line-up of various household hybrid and electric vehicle chargers, which includes a standard charger, a wall-mounted charger, and a pole-mounted charger, with the H2V being compatible with all of them. The H2V Manager is expected to launch in January 2012 for a price of ¥157,500 (~$2,045) including installation and tax.

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