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Epic Won’t Be Bringing Fortnite Onto Microsoft’s xCloud Platform
Right now, Fortnite is available on a multitude of platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox platform, so you would think that it would also eventually be made available through Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming services. However, if you were hoping for that to happen as a way to play Fortnite on iOS devices, think again.

Don’t Expect To See Microsoft’s xCloud On The Nintendo Switch
Microsoft is looking to bring its xCloud game streaming service to various platforms, even iOS which is impressive given how restrictive Apple has been with regards to game streaming. This has led to some to wonder if maybe Microsoft could also bring xCloud onto competing gaming consoles, like that of the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft Launches xCloud Public Beta For iOS Devices
While Apple has relaxed the restrictions on game streaming apps and services on iOS devices, it is still quite restrictive in terms of what developers need to do in order to get a streaming app authorized to be listed on the App Store. This is why many have since found a workaround which is by using Safari.

Microsoft Testing 1080p Streaming For Xbox Game Pass
Due to the fact that games contain a lot of textures and elements, streaming them would require you to have a pretty decent internet connection as the transfer of data might be quite large. This is why for the most part, game streaming services tend to stream at lower resolutions to help ensure a smoother experience.


Microsoft Hints At xCloud Streaming Stick For TVs
Microsoft’s xCloud streaming service is playable on the PC, the Xbox console, and Android devices. These pretty much cover the majority of mediums that one can reasonably expect to game on, but what if you don’t own an Xbox but want to stream from your TV? Does it make sense for you to purchase a console and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate just for it?

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Launched On Android
If you’re an Android gamer looking for a game streaming service, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft’s Project xCloud has launched for Android. This comes in the form of Xbox Game Pass which is basically the Netflix for video games, and where unlike other streaming services like Google Stadia, gamers just need to pay a one-time subscription fee and will be able to access the games in the […]

Microsoft Isn’t Thrilled By Apple’s New App Store Changes
Apple recently announced some changes that they would be making to the App Store. These changes would basically allow game streaming services onto its platform, which sounds like a good thing, but there is a catch that would make it infinitely more difficult for developers to do so.

Apple Will Finally Allow Game Streaming Services To Run On iOS...With A Catch
A couple of years ago, Valve attempted to launch its Steam Link app on the iPhone, but it was rejected. For those who are unfamiliar, Steam Link was basically a game streaming app that allowed gamers to stream Steam games from their accounts to their mobile devices. Apple cited App Store guideline violations as a reason why they rejected the app.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud For Android Is Now Available In Beta
Microsoft is set to release Project xCloud on Android devices next month, but the good news is that if you can’t wait to try it out, you’ll be very pleased to learn that Microsoft has actually released the beta version of the service today where if you’re interested, you’ll actually be able to take it for a spin ahead of the public launch.

Apple’s iOS Devices Will Have To Sit Out On Game Streaming Services
Game streaming services are expected to disrupt the gaming industry and the way we approach gaming hardware. Since the majority of the processing is done in the cloud, all gamers really need is a device that can stream those games and a steady (and fast) internet connection. However, it now seems that they will need a device that isn’t an iPhone or iPad.

Invites To Try Microsoft’s Project xCloud Are Now Rolling Out
Game streaming feels like it could be the next big thing. With our internet speeds getting faster, what with 5G now being rolled out, it makes sense that we should be able to game on our phones and on any device wherever we are. Microsoft will be trying their hand at game streaming with Project xCloud, and if you’re curious, you can actually now take it for a spin.

Microsoft Demonstrates Its xCloud Game Streaming Service
Some of you might be aware that Microsoft has been working on a game streaming service of its own. With Google announcing a “future of gaming event” for next week, Microsoft has now provided a demonstration of its Project xCloud game streaming service. Public trials of the service are going to be launched later this year.

Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Streaming Service
Microsoft has announced its Xbox game streaming service today titled Project xCloud. It will be capable of streaming Xbox games to consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. Microsoft has said that scaling and building out the service is a “multi-year” project for the company and that it will begin public trials of Project xCloud in 2019 so that “we can learn and scale with different volumes and locations,” according to Microsoft’s […]