fortnite season 2Right now, Fortnite is available on a multitude of platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox platform, so you would think that it would also eventually be made available through Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming services. However, if you were hoping for that to happen as a way to play Fortnite on iOS devices, think again.

During the deposition in the Epic VS Apple case, Epic was questioned as to why Fortnite was not available on xCloud. According to Joe Kreiner, Epic’s vice president of business development, this was a deliberate move on Epic’s part as they viewed xCloud as a competitor to Epic’s own PC offerings.

Unfortunately, Kreiner’s explanation of why they viewed xCloud as a competitor is unclear because the next part of the questioning in the deposition had been redacted. What’s interesting though is that Epic has made Fortnite available on other game streaming services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

However, it has been suggested that because revenue from a game’s purchase or in-app purchases made through GeForce Now go directly to Epic rather than NVIDIA, whereas transactions made on xCloud go through Microsoft first, which might be a reason why. In any case, until Epic and Microsoft can come to some kind of understanding or agreement, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now is probably the only way you’ll be able to play Fortnite through streaming.

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