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Vibrating gloves helps you locate items in store
Have you ever gone to a hypermarket like Tesco or Carrefour, only to realize that the place is so darn vast, that it can be difficult to locate your can of baked beans – especially if this is the first time you paid a visit to such a huge place instead of your regular grocery store down the street? Researchers over at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology can certainly […]

Nokia “Facehugger” face sensor is something right out of Giger’s imagination
I am quite sure that many of us can still remember the first time we watched Alien, where the Facehugger proved to be quite a monster, although not THE monster in the series. Well, what you see above is actually a research and development project that sports a slew of sensors, and each time it senses movement on your face, it will be able to measure your facial expressions (as […]

Photographs of early iPad prototype spotted
If you’ve ever wanted to know what the iPad looked like before it was released back in 2010, we’ve got the answer right here for you. The folks over at Network World recently did some digging through some Apple/Samsung court filings and discovered a bunch of images showing mockups of the iPad from the early 2000s. It seems that Apple was already working on tablet prototypes sometime between 2002 and […]

Apple 128k Macintosh prototype 'Twiggy' on sale for $100,000 by Steve Woz
The ‘other Steve’ at Apple has dropped a bombshell on us. It seems that he owns the only completed Twiggy drive machine in the world, which will definitely be more valuable than the 128k Mac prototype that we spotted at the end of January which did not work. Steve Wozniak’s 128k Mac prototype has a fully working 5.25″ Twiggy drive, and it has just surfaced on eBay for a cool […]


B-Catch Project - Visual Path calculation by “Piggy” and DFKI
[CeBIT 2012] I did not expect to find this uber-fun demo at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) at CeBIT, but it looks like scientists can have humor sometimes.The technology behind this Angry Birds-like robotic character is quite complex and requires some serious research and development: it combines real-time image processing with probabilities modeling of knowledge about the characteristics of ball trajectories.Dr. Tim Laue and his team from […]

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype up for grabs on eBay
Sony Ericsson was reported to have a prototype Windows Phone device that never saw the light of day – but it looks like you can get your hands on one of them. An eBay user managed to get his/her hands on the phone and has put it up for auction, giving anybody who’s willing to spend some money the opportunity to own the device.While not much is known about the […]

BMW self-driving car prototype demonstrated on a freeway
Google might have their own driverless car (which has gotten into an accident before, by the way), but German automaker BMW is working on the first fully automated car, where their prototype is capable of automated driving without the need for any driver input. However, this prototype is not fully cognizant of all that is going around, so we will just have to lump it in the “highly automated” category. […]

Old Sony Ericsson prototype with Windows Phone 7 images surface
Sony Ericsson is no more, but that does not mean ghosts from the past cannot visit the present. It seems that previously unreleased photos of a prototype from Sony Ericsson was revealed, where this smartphone ran on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Now, we all know that Sony Ericsson currently plays nice with Android and has not released nor announced a Windows Phone 7 device to date, but it […]

Apple prototype from 1983 shows phone with touch screen capabilities
It would appear that Apple’s interest in touch technology when it comes to phones may have started as far back as 1983. A prototype of such a device was recently uncovered and apparently it dates back to 1983 and was designed by none other than Hartmut Esslinger, who was also the founder of Frogdesign, the same company that went on to help design several of Apple’s products back in the […]

Honda shows off the Uni-Cub personal mobility robot
Interested in a personal mobility robot like the Segway? If you are, Honda has take the wraps off their prototype, the Uni-Cub which appears to be an improvement over last’s year’s U3-X. Much like the U3-X, the Uni-Cub allows the rider to steer the vehicle in the direction of their choosing by moving their upper body or operating it via a joystick control.

Pico projector prototype used for interactive phone calls
The concept of pico projectors is an interesting one, although it’s probably a piece of technology which isn’t for everyone. However researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, have come up with a pretty novel concept of using a pico projector together with a smartphone that enables the sharing of data whilst on the phone.

Electric DeLorean DMC-12 taken for a test drive
We do know that there are plans afoot for an electric version of the classic DeLorean DMC-12 coming your way – sometime in 2013, actually, according to the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company. Perhaps that day might just come earlier than what most would have expected, as an electric prototype of the DeLorean has already been taken out for a spin – I wonder how close that will be to the […]

Nokia demonstrates flexible user interface prototype at Nokia World
At Nokia World 2011, Nokia showed that it can think out of the box with a very interesting prototype demonstration. Called the “Nokia kinetic device”, it features a flexible display that gives users a brand new way to interact with a mobile device. Instead of the usual touchscreen tapping, swiping, and pinching, the Nokia kinetic device works by being twisted, bent, bowed and tapped. A very interesting concept if you […]

Apple TV project said to be led by Jeff Robbin
Yesterday we reported on rumors that an Apple TV was indeed in the works. This flurry of news surrounding a television set built by Apple seems to have stemmed from a quote from the recently released biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The quote suggested that Steve Jobs may have finally come up with an Apple TV, and the rumor suggested that prototypes of the product were already in […]