3G MacBook Pro

A few days ago we covered the prototype 3G MacBook Pro that was put up for auction on eBay well it turns out that the seller who got his/her hands on the machine didn’t manage to sell it, despite bids for the laptop climbing up to at least $70,000. Apparently Apple managed to stop the auction before any selling could take place, which verifies the legitimacy of the computer.


Well since the seller can’t sell it through online means, he/she has decided to upload more pictures of the device, showing off its antenna that can be easily removed from the notebook due to its use of magnets. It can’t be sold through eBay I guess the seller will probably put it to good use or find some other means to get it out on the market. After all if it managed to hit seventy grand on an online auction, I’m sure it can fetch a decent price in the real world.

3G MacBook Pro

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