Interested in a personal mobility robot like the Segway? If you are, Honda has take the wraps off their prototype, the Uni-Cub which appears to be an improvement over last’s year’s U3-X. Much like the U3-X, the Uni-Cub allows the rider to steer the vehicle in the direction of their choosing by moving their upper body or operating it via a joystick control.

In order to increase stability on the Uni-Cub, Honda has added a smaller wheel behind the drive wheel. The Uni-Cub has also been given arm rests for added comfort, and according to Honda, the Uni-Cub can achieve a top speed of 10kmph, but unfortunately the prototype device only has a battery life of one hour.

Once again, much like the U3-X, the Uni-Cub remains a prototype for now with no plans for commercialization, although should it actually be put into production, Honda foresees the Uni-Cub being used in places like shopping malls and exhibition halls to get from one end to the other quickly.

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