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PS Vita will almost certainly be the NGP's new name
Sony’s official PlayStation press conference happens later today and it’s going to be a heck of a show, with more concrete info on the NGP expected to be announced and a heavy dose of PS3 gaming to soothe burned PlayStation Network gamers.Over the last week or so, we’ve been hearing a lot of news regarding the NGP’s new name “PS Vita” – with Vita meaning “life” in Latin. Now, there’s […]

Will Resistance use the NGP's camera to pick up weapons?
The NGP has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. We already know that Sony is going to be pushing a few augmented reality games with the two cameras, but how else can they be used? According to Jolt‘s super ninja Sony sources, in Resistance, players will be able to pick up new weapons they pass by, simply by “passing” their hand or finger on one […]

NGP's official name, pricing and launch games to be announced at E3
Critical information such as the NGP‘s official name (NGP is tentative and short for Next Generation Portable), pricing, release time and official launch games have yet to be unveiled. Don’t fret, a reliable source from VG247 says that all will be made clear at this year’s E3 video game expo in Los Angeles in June. We’ve  heard rumblings that the NGP is going to be very expensive and rumors that […]

NGP component shortage could delay global launch
We’ve got some bad news for Sony NGP fans. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony may delay the launch of the NGP due to a component shortage caused by the Japanese earthquake last month. Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton says instead of seeing a worldwide launch later this year in Asia, Europe and the US, it may see release in only one region (we’re guessing Japan). At first glance, the delay might […]


Sony Next Generation Portable and PlayStation Suite
Sony’s certainly creating waves over in Japan at time of publishing, as they have announced the “Next Generation Portable” which will comprise of five new concepts – a revolutionary user interface, social connectivity, location-awareness, augmented reality, and PlayStation Suite compatibility. This cross-platform PlayStation experience (PlayStation Suite) does sound appealing, but on to the main meat – the Next Generation Portable, which is a far cry from the PSP2 (in terms […]

Is the PSP2 as powerful as the PS3?
According to a report online, Sony has been telling game developers that the upcoming PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PlayStation 3. It is uncertain if the new handheld console will be that powerful, but it definitely shows Sony’s steps to make the PSP 2 stand apart from smartphones. After all, graphics have improved so much on smartphones over the past year, and the distinction between them and […]

Sony's PSP 2 to be announced on Jan 27th?
We haven’t heard too much of the PSP 2 recently, especially since the Xperia Play/PlayStation Phone has been making waves. Despite that, word is now going around that Sony might be gearing up to unveil the device as a Tokyo press event has been scheduled for the 27th of January, supposedly an event where the device will be announced. It was also stated that publishers were told late last year […]

PSP2 Rumor Hints Of PS3 Ports With Early PS3-level Graphics
Reports are in from folks who claim to have hands-on experience with Sony’s (rumored) upcoming PSP2. The source gives some credibility to the previous rumored feature set that it will include dual analog sliders, a UMD-less PSPgo-style slider design and a rear-mounted touch panel, touchscreen display, and front- and rear-facing cameras. The juicy part is that the processor could apparently be “just over half as powerful as the PS3” and […]

Sony Patents Back Touchpad Support, Possibly For The PSP2?
Many folks out there are snooping around for hints of the PSP2 and while this isn’t confirmation of what the device will feature, a patent has been discovered, suggesting that Sony is looking into the possibility of integrating a touchpad at the back of devices, similar to what is used on the Motorola Spice. The design might include a device with dual displays, with the one folded at the back […]

Sony PSP2 Confirmed by EA
Game studio Electronic Arts has said in an interview that as a developer it had gained early access to the Sony’s next generation portable gaming device. The PSP2 has been rumored for some time, with the latest rumor saying that the device will have a larger display and touchpad and could have processing powers that rival the Xbox, which is not a portable gaming unit. Sony’s VP Patrick Soderlund said […]

Rumor: PSP2 To Arrive Next Fall With Touchpad And Larger HD Display
Rumors of a Sony PSP2 have been going around for some time already, and now some details of this upcoming console have surfaced. According to reports, Sony held a private meeting at its office to show off the PSP2. If the reports are accurate, the device will feature a touch panel at the back, resembling a large notebook trackpad. The display of the console will be sharper than the current […]

PSP2 rumored to cure cancer
The PSP2 is rumored to be so powerful that its processor can stumble upon the secret formula to cure cancer. We jest, but you get a rough idea on just how much processing power it holds, according to multiple sources within the game publishing industry who have already signed NDAs and started work on games for the upcoming Sony handheld console. Some features expected to make the final cut include […]

Rumor: PSP2 To Make An Appearance At E3
We’re really looking forward to next month’s E3 Expo, especially with the PlayStation Move, Project Natal and Nintendo 3DS still firmly in our minds. But aside from those devices, a rumor has just sprung up suggesting that details on the next iteration of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) might appear at E3, and that would really be interesting. Let’s not forget that the PSP has already been on the market for […]