The NGP has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. We already know that Sony is going to be pushing a few augmented reality games with the two cameras, but how else can they be used? According to Jolt‘s super ninja Sony sources, in Resistance, players will be able to pick up new weapons they pass by, simply by “passing” their hand or finger on one of the system’s cameras (Jolt says rear cam, but the cam next to the screen looks more accessible to me). It certainly seems do-able: a motion detecting control that could keep the action rolling without lifting more fingers off the dual-analogs and face buttons.

Another use is in Uncharted, where a dark room could be lit up by just aiming the NGP’s rear camera at a light source – be it a lamp or the sun. Sounds like a bright idea, no?

Jolt has yet to prove that it’s a credible news source for leaking information, but if Resistance and Uncharted do use the NGP’s cameras to provide an interesting new layer of control and immersion, then Sony’s device looks to be able to offer more than just a portable PS3-experience.

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