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This Toy Helicopter Won't Break When You Crash It
Drones are becoming a bigger part of life for those of us in the United States, but those rigs are flown by professionals who are paid to, well, not crash the extremely expensive tools. If you want to do amateur RC helicoptering at home, most experienced hobbyists recommend buying a inexpensive “starter” model, because you’re going to wreck the first RC helicopter you fly. That is, unless you’re flying the Space Ball, a new […]

Force Flyer helicopter controlled with hand movement
Remote controlled toy helicopters are always fun to have around, but my pet peeve against those would be the diminishing returns associated with charging this particular toy. It takes nearly an hour or so to juice it up, only to have it take to the skies for a few minutes before it runs out of juice. Well, perhaps navigating such a toy with the traditional remote control method might not […]

Swann introduces a trio of RC helicopters
If you can’t get enough of remote controlled helicopters which you can control using your iOS device, Swann has got three new toys for you to play with. Called Black Swann, i-Fly Micro Lightning and Sky Eye, these helicopters are operated via a provided IR remote or with an app (iFly) and adaptor combination for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Sky Eye and Black Swann feature an onboard […]

CrazyFlie quadcopter made out of a printed circuit board
We have seen our fair share of remote controlled helicopters in the past, but here is another one that might just take the cake where cuteness is concerned. The CrazyFlie quadcopter as it is know, is more or less a flying printed circuit board, and that knowledge alone should help you appreciate the intricacies and work that has gone into it.The entire shebang tips the scales at slightly more than […]


RC helicopters from Swann is a departure from security cameras
Swann, a company that is more noted for its range of security cameras, does subscribe to the adage of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” because they have just announced their new (and maiden) range of RC helicopters. They will be known as Micro Lightning, Micro Hornet, Emergency Strike, Military Thunder and Missile Strike, and Swann hopes that these remote controlled helicopters will be able to […]

Turn your iPhone into an RC toy controller
Steve Jobs pretty much meant using your iPhone for everything when he said “there’s an app for that”. In this case, we’re talking about controlling an RC car with your iPhone. Sure you won’t be able to do it without the help of an additional dongle, from AppToyz, that plugs into your iPhone’s 3.5mm slot (iPhones don’t have infrared support) but once it is in, you just have to download […]

HexaKopter offers new form factor
Just when you thought that you’ve seen all the remote controlled helicopters in town, along comes the HexaKopter – a 1.2kg, six-rotor device which is capable of staying in flight for slightly more than half an hour, toting around another 1kg of cargo with a high-definition camera to shoot amazing images from above. According to creator Holger Buss, the HexaKopter is a snap to fly, and is able to fulfill […]

USB Rechargeable RC Helicopter
Gadget mavens Brando has released yet another interesting desktop toy – the USB Rechargeable RC Helicopter. This nifty little toy is a dual propeller helicopter with gyro-stabilization that ought to make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying, although we’re more inclined to the former as it is much safer. It comes with a multi-axis controller for movement in all directions, alongside the control for a couple of LEDs […]