Swann, a company that is more noted for its range of security cameras, does subscribe to the adage of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” because they have just announced their new (and maiden) range of RC helicopters. They will be known as Micro Lightning, Micro Hornet, Emergency Strike, Military Thunder and Missile Strike, and Swann hopes that these remote controlled helicopters will be able to perform death-defying stunts and flight manoeuvres with military precision right in the comfort of your backyard, thanks to Swann’s very own Easy-Fly Gyro Technology.


With a trim adjustment that offers added stability and dual joystick controls on the infrared remote control paving the way for 6-way multi-directional flying, each chopper won’t guzzle up fuel like those in the war theater, but instead, will sip its power from a lithium ion battery. As for the remote control, that’s juiced by half a doze AA batteries – best to make sure you have some Sanyo eneloops nearby. They’re all priced at $59 apiece, and flying time per full charge ranges from 5 minutes to 8. Strangely enough, there is no product page up yet for these RC helicopters. [Press Release]

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