Remote controlled toy helicopters are always fun to have around, but my pet peeve against those would be the diminishing returns associated with charging this particular toy. It takes nearly an hour or so to juice it up, only to have it take to the skies for a few minutes before it runs out of juice. Well, perhaps navigating such a toy with the traditional remote control method might not be that fun when you come into contact with the new Force Flyer, where it can be controlled by a wave of the hand. How does this happen? Well, you will need to strap a wearable control pad onto your arm, where your thumb controls the speed of the helicopter’s rotors and subsequently, height.

When you turn your hand in either direction, it will inform the helicopter to turn in that same direction, thanks to the glove’s built-in accelerometer which is not too far off from the functionality of the the accelerometer in a Wiimote. You can power up this crash-resilient helicopter via USB, where 20 minutes of charging time gives you half the amount of flight time. Force Flyers will hit store shelves this May, where the smaller version will cost $50, while the larger version is double the amount.

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