Drones are becoming a bigger part of life for those of us in the United States, but those rigs are flown by professionals who are paid to, well, not crash the extremely expensive tools. If you want to do amateur RC helicoptering at home, most experienced hobbyists recommend buying a inexpensive “starter” model, because you’re going to wreck the first RC helicopter you fly. That is, unless you’re flying the Space Ball, a new RC helicopter out of Japan that encloses the rotor mechanism in a flexible, plastic, cage. In Japanese fashion, there’s also a feature that lets you atomize fragrance all around the room with your mini helicopter.


The Space Ball is controlled through infrared light and is optimized for play indoors. The coolest aspect is that if the toy crashes on the ground, it will roll back into the right position so it can take off again. And in the case you need new rotors, they’re included, along with a mountable LED light. It’s available from a Japanese retailer right now for ¥6,279, which works out to about $80. May the Schwartz be with you.

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