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Griffin announces the GuitarConnect Pro for aspiring bedroom recording artists
Good news musicians! If you own the iPad and have been looking forward to connecting your guitar/bass/electric violin to the tablet and laying down some tracks on Garage Band, Griffin has announced the GuitarConnect Pro which adds an instrument input to the iPad and the iPhone.

Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2
Given how the iPhone 4’s camera is so popular, it’s weird that the iPad 2 did not feature a camera that is just as good. While there is without doubt that people use the iPad 2 for photographs and movies, we don’t think that the overall quality would end up seeing iPad 2 made movies in our cinemas as blockbuster hits, but company Makayama has decided that there is a […]

DiaForce film could possibly provide an alternative to electromagnetic guitar pickups
Have you ever wondered why is it that you can never recreate the guitar solo of your favorite song despite practicing for months? Musicians would like to tell you that perhaps it’s because you lack the “feel” of the song, which is unique to the artist who wrote it. While that sounds plausible from an artist’s perspective, in terms of science, perhaps you have not managed to bend your strings […]

LG Optimus 3D records 1080p video in 30fps
It looks like consumers who got their hands on the LG Optimus 3D are in for a nice treat. Instead of having full 1080p HD video recording at only 24fps as advertised, the phone records 1080p HD video at 30fps – which is a pretty big improvement for people who are looking forward to shoot videos using this Android smartphone. According to speculations, this must have been the main reason […]


Alesis iO Dock turns your iPad into a powerful recording device
Sure, we all know that the iPad is a great tool especially when it comes to creating music. When you have a famous band on a major label creating an album using only the iPad – you don’t need to look any further than that. While it is great for creating music using software, the tablet struggles when it comes to recording real-life instruments. Not because the tablet’s powerful processor […]

tt-i EagleEye records your achievements in HD
Everybody loves achievements. But what’s the point of accomplishing something if you’ve got nobody to share it with? That’s why we have trophies in video games and replay cameras – everybody loves to share their accomplishments. But in real life it’s a bit different – you don’t have anyone but yourself to keep track of your progress in everything you do. And nothing is recorded for you unless you have […]

Elgato HDHomeRun turns every computer in your house into a TV
Elgato has just released a dual network tuner that allows users to watch HDTV wirelessly on a Mac or a PC. Called the HDHomeRun, all users have to do is attach the device to a TV antenna or digital cable and it’s ready to wirelessly stream content to any computer on the WiFi network.If you’ve only got one TV in the house and you’re tired of fighting for the remote […]

Panasonic AG-3DP1 shoots movies in 3D
Panasonic has just announced the AG-3DP1, a new camcorder designed for shooting movies in 3D. The shoulder-mounted camcorder packs a 3D twin-lens, and is designed for users planning to shoot 3D productions of live events, sports, documentaries and independent films. The AG-3DP1 packs 2 1/3″ full-HD 2.2 megapixel 3-MOS images with enhanced sensitivity, a 20-bit Digital Signal Processor for generating full production quality, native 1920 x 1080 resolution images. The […]

Thanko's Cassette Mate makes those old tapes relevant again
Back in your younger days, if you’ve had access to a cassette tape recorder, I’m pretty sure you would have recorded a lot of random conversations, made your own mix tapes, and archived your own ramblings to yourself. Well, it’s time to wipe the dust off those cassettes and listen to those recordings again. Thanko has just released a cassette tape to MP3 converter that makes all those old tapes […]

Apogee Duet 2 turns your Mac into a recording studio
If you’re a musician who enjoys recording your own music at home, and you own a Mac, Apogee’s latest audio interface, the Duet 2 is designed to do the job. Acting as an interface for you to record your instruments and vocals, the Duet 2 has 2 line/mic/instrument inputs for you to plug in your gear, and records audio at a high sampling rate of up to 192kHz. It even […]

Mike: Apogee's studio quality microphone for the iPad, iPhone and Mac
Apogee Electronics has just introduced their latest audio recording device designed to work with iPads, iPhones and Macs. Called Mike, it is a microphone that is touted to bring studio quality recordings to your iOS devices and Mac computers. Designed to work especially with GarageBand, Apogee’s microphone gives you the ability to record in studio quality anything you want- from vocals to acoustic guitars, pianos, percussion and basically everything under […]

Buffalo MiniStation
The VCR is pretty much dead at this point in time, and manufacturers are now building TVs with the ability to record directly onto externally hard disks. The invention of such technology has led to the appearance of unsightly cables that clutter up your TV cabinet or shelf. Well, Buffalo has come up with a solution to the problem. Called the MiniStation, it is basically an external hard disk that […]

Olympus TP-7 is a useful gadget for recording phone calls
Face it – not everyone has a “modern” cellphone in this day and age, and people still use regular telephones to make phone calls – if rates are cheaper and connections are more stable, why not right? But what if you had an out of date phone and had to record a phone conversation say for the purpose of an interview?

Olive 4HD, the HD Hi-Fi Music Server
Olive Media Inc has released this 4HD high-end music server that aims to match the 24-bit/192Khz standard used in recording studios (for reference, CDs are encoded with 16-bit values at 44.1Khz). Assuming that you have the speaker setup that matches what the Olive 4HD can output, you would hear how “music sounds as it is recorded”.The Olive 4HD comes with 2TB of storage, which is equivalent to 20,000 HD songs, […]