Elgato HDHomeRun

Elgato has just released a dual network tuner that allows users to watch HDTV wirelessly on a Mac or a PC. Called the HDHomeRun, all users have to do is attach the device to a TV antenna or digital cable and it’s ready to wirelessly stream content to any computer on the WiFi network.

If you’ve only got one TV in the house and you’re tired of fighting for the remote control each time you want to watch your favorite TV program, this is the perfect solution to turn any computer in your house into a TV. Everyone can even tune into a different channel at the same time. It works even better when you have a few computers – you don’t need to invest in a separate video card for each computer to turn them into TVs. The Elgato HDHomeRun will easily let you get the job done.

Elgato HDHomeRun will also let users record TV programs just in case you’re not home or you want to relive your favorite shows again. If you have an iOS device, you can also use the EyeTV app that lets you stream your live and recorded TV shows onto it over 3G. Elgato HDHomeRun is available now from the Elgato Store, Amazon, B&H Photo and the Apple Store for $179.95. It works on both Mac and Windows.

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