Olympus TP-7

Face it – not everyone has a “modern” cellphone in this day and age, and people still use regular telephones to make phone calls – if rates are cheaper and connections are more stable, why not right? But what if you had an out of date phone and had to record a phone conversation say for the purpose of an interview?

Sure you can write notes, but you end up missing out on details and quotes might be misheard. Sometimes the speakerphone doesn’t cut it and you somehow feel disconnected when talking to a phone that’s not next to your face. Well Olympus has come up with an elegant solution to this problem called the TP-7.

This nifty little gadget plugs into the mic socket of your (tape) recorder and the other end goes into your ear. It works by recording everything you hear with the ear that you plug the microphone into.

Besides working on the phone, this useful gadget can be used to record conversations that you’re having in person as well, talk about versatile! Just don’t forget to switch the earpiece if you decide to change which hand you hold the phone with midway during a conversation. The Olympus TP-7 retails for $11.

Alternatively, you can also record calls on Android phones.

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